About Info-Gel

Info-Gel, a member of The Stewart Group, has been a leader in the wire and cable industry for over 30 years.

Info-Gel was formed in the 1990's to supply thixotropic gels to the fiber optic cable industry.  We are now a global company with factories in the United States, Ireland, and India.  Although we've grown our markets and product lines, we have still kept our fast speed and high level of customer service to make sure that your technical materials are delivered on time with the highest level of quality.  Info-Gel is a proud member of the Stewart Group.

Experience And Process

Experience Matters

Info-Gel employs the most knowledgeable people in the gel business, and we've seen a lot over the 30+ years of our existence.  We have the experience to help solve your most challenging technical problems.

Info-Gel's manufacturing plants are unique in the industry. Extensive research and testing led to the selection of unconventional, high-tech precision equipment. Automated and computer-controlled systems deliver gels of the highest standards and comply with exacting industry specifications.

Quality And Capability

Materials you can trust

Extensive production capacity ensures orders are complete and delivered on-time. Info-Gel delivers production flexibility and customer security of supply with a capacity exceeding 20,000 MT annually, with three production lines and pilot plants dedicated to research and development located on three continents. 

Superior quality raw materials are used to create Info-Gel's thixotropic gels. Info-Gel rigorously evaluates and tests raw material sources and has secured long-term arrangements with suppliers. Components are combined to create a completely homogeneous product that can perform over the widest range of temperatures and environments.

Rigorous testing of the materials in our in-house labs ensure that your product is consistent and will have the same properties regardless of where you order it.

Superior Service

Customized Solutions

Extensive research and development and testing efforts coupled with state-of-the-art production has allowed Info-Gel to offer unique products to suit specific customer requirements by adjusting formulations and creating custom programs.



With packaging available from 20 kg pails to 1,250 kg containers, we can accommodate your requirements with a variety of options from plastic to stainless steel and can tailor to your requirements based on quantities and location.



Economies in shipping and reduced lead times are achieved with three manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe. These superior production facilities offer efficient scheduling and rapid response to client emergencies. No matter the location, time frame or quantity, Info-Gel delivers quality products and exceeds customer expectations. Info-Gel also offers consignment programs and returnable totes in order to support customer inventory management.


Global Reach

Info-Gel has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe. Info-Gel is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The USA facility provides manufacturing, distribution and service within the Americas. Info-Gel’s Limerick, Ireland plant provides manufacturing, distribution and service to Europe. In 2010, Info-Gel opened a manufacturing, sales, distribution and service facility near Mumbai, India in partnership with Indore Composite, a leading supplier to the cable industry. This plant services Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Australia.

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Top cable manufacturers have relied on Info-Gel for over 20 years to provide stable, high quality thixotropic gels.  We're now supplying the Automotive, Construction, and Battery markets, delivering the same fast and personal service combined with high quality materials that made us successful in the cable market.  We provide technical support for research and development, design, testing and implementation to manufacturers world-wide.  What problem can we help you solve?
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