Corrosion resistant and lubricating gels and greases ideal for wire pulling, post tension tendon protection and water blocking. 

Construction grease is found in the post tensioning of concrete which provides solutions found in parking decks, buildings, and slab on ground homes. 

Wire Lubricant products provide lubrication and corrosion protection for steel ropes and can also be used to help pull electrical, communications, and other cables.

Info-Gel's line of Oxi DefenderTM materials are designed for tough environments and can repel water and resist corrosion in the most difficult applications.  The materials pass strict Salt/Fog corrosion and Water Spray testing to ensure that they can meet or exceed industry requirements.  

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Oxi Defender™ Corrosion Resistance

Additives used to slow/reduce the amount of oxidation on metals in harsh environments.
Oxi DefenderTM Corrosion Resistance
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GR043 is a PTI Certified grease based on high quality mineral oil, suitable for high temperature performance, excellent adhesion, water resistance, rust and corrosion protection. It has been tested and approved for post tensioning and overhead conductor applications.

Wire Lubricants

Various viscosity lubricants that can be tailor made for production processes that keep wires corrosion free while reducing the friction co-efficient to help protect cables and wires from mechanical damage.
Wire Lubricants Greases
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Wire Lubricant – Viscosity = 12,000 cSt @ 40°C.
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Wire Lubricant – Viscosity = 68 cSt @ 40°C.

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Top cable manufacturers have relied on Info-Gel for over 20 years to provide stable, high quality thixotropic gels.  We're now supplying the Automotive, Construction, and Battery markets, delivering the same fast and personal service combined with high quality materials that made us successful in the cable market.  We provide technical support for research and development, design, testing and implementation to manufacturers world-wide.  What problem can we help you solve?
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