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Telecom (Fiber Optic) cables are designed for many applications. The water-blocking solution exists in both a filled and/or flooded design. Regardless of the design, a gel-filled or gel-flooded cable has proven to be the best solution for blocking water. The gel provides both a “floating” protection for the fiber and a “no water migration” water blockage solution as opposed to other solutions such as those found in dry designs

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas cable applications, specifically the part of an umbilical cable that is dedicated to communicating information about the well is built using either copper and/or fiber optics. These cables can experience extreme heat, exposure to hydrogen, and vertical installation. The protection has to include resistance to gel flow and separation after installation, heat resistance, and a possible hydrogen absorption component.

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Energy cables can be either low, medium, or high voltage, as well as hybrid cables which provide for both fiber and copper. Corrosion protection, high temperature, and low dielectric constant are attributes that exist in these cable gels.

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Construction grease is found in the post tensioning of concrete which provides solutions found in parking decks, buildings, and slab on ground homes. Salt/Fog corrosion and Water Spray protection are requirements of these products.

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