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Telecommunications cables come in many shapes and sizes but whether it is fiber or copper most require a water blocking component.  Info-Gel started by providing gels to fiber optic cable companies that not only provide a "no water migration" solution, but also provide a "floating" protection for the fiber.  Gels provide the best water blocking capabilities hands down compared to tapes and yarns, completely preventing migration rather than waiting for swelling to stop water ingress.  In addition, the good di-electric capabilities of the gel make it good for twisted copper cables as well.  This can be either in the form of a lower density gel allowing for the use of less material and improved di-electrics, or an ETPR that is a solid at room temperature.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas cable applications, specifically the part of an umbilical cable that is dedicated to communicating information about the well is built using either copper and/or fiber optics. These cables can experience extreme heat, exposure to hydrogen, and vertical installation. The protection has to include resistance to gel flow and separation after installation, heat resistance, and a possible hydrogen absorption component.


Energy cables can be either low, medium, or high voltage, as well as hybrid cables which provide for both fiber and copper. Insulator Bushings are managed using a filling compound with low dielectric constant, superior oil separation resistance, and high temperature operation characteristics.  For FIMT applications, a hydrogen scavenging component can be added to prevent hydrogen generated from sealing the metal tube from migrating to the fiber and causing attenuation loss at wavelengths where absorption occurs.  


Construction grease is found in the post tensioning of concrete which provides solutions found in parking decks, buildings, and slab on ground homes. Salt/Fog corrosion and Water Spray protection are requirements of these products.

Auto and Electronics

Automotive applications have become an important use case with the electrification of automobiles causing more electronics to be packed into vehicles than ever before.  The need for specialty greases and gels have never been so important.  Info-Gel has a variety of materials tailor made for the automotive market.  Whether it is moving heat away from critical components using our thermally conductive greases and gels, improving flame retardancy, or simply having a good dielectric grease or gel available for connections, we can help solve some of your toughest problems.
Top cable manufacturers have relied on Info-Gel for over 20 years to provide stable, high quality thixotropic gels.  We're now supplying the Automotive, Construction, and Battery markets, delivering the same fast and personal service combined with high quality materials that made us successful in the cable market.  We provide technical support for research and development, design, testing and implementation to manufacturers world-wide.  What problem can we help you solve?
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