Frequently Asked Questions

Are all products made at all three Info-Gel facilities?


All products can be made at all facilities. The USA facility typically makes products for the Americas, the Ireland facility for Europe, and the India facility for Asia, but if there is a need for qualification or other evaluations based on location, we will accommodate.

If there is a need for a specialty developed gel, does Info-Gel have the resources to assist in that development?


Info-Gel has developed many proprietary formulations for our customers. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacture of gel, corrosion protection and other cable materials. The team has chemical backgrounds, a vast cable manufacturing experience, and a thorough understanding of the deployment and application of products.

Does Info-Gel have a Risk Mitigation plan?


One of our core strengths is having three facilities to support our customers. We not only have three facilities for manufacturing support, but Info-Gel has developed and has access to various supply chains for raw materials and packaging.

If there is a need for a slightly different characteristic, can the current product be modified?


Many of our customers will provisionally approve a product based on their review of the technical data sheet. The customer’s processing, testing, or deployment may require them to request the altering of a characteristic. For example, they may want the Viscosity adjusted, so they can run different line speeds, or they may want the Yield Stress modified to improve various aspects of field performance. Regardless of the requirement, Info-Gel has the expertise to suggest and adjust the product to meet your requirements.

Does Info-Gel currently supply product to any of the major cable manufacturers?


We currently supply and have supplied for over 20 years to all of the major fiber optic, energy, communication, and submarine cable manufacturers.

Are the Info-Gel products REACH and RoHS compliant?


All of our products are evaluated every year to confirm they are in compliance with the most recent changes to both the RoHS and REACH regulations. A declaration of our products or our customer’s specific product can be provided upon request.

Top cable manufacturers have relied on Info-Gel for over 20 years to provide stable, high quality thixotropic gels.  We're now supplying the Automotive, Construction, and Battery markets, delivering the same fast and personal service combined with high quality materials that made us successful in the cable market.  We provide technical support for research and development, design, testing and implementation to manufacturers world-wide.  What problem can we help you solve?
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